Returns Refunds

1. Order cancellation

a) Game currency, game account, equipment order before the completion of the order, the user can freely cancel the order, after the cancellation is successful, the money will be returned to the VADmall account balance.

b) At some point, the cancellation of the order requires the seller's consent. After the seller agrees, the order can be cancelled successfully.

c) Delivered, completed orders cannot be cancelled. Due to the special nature of virtual goods, return requests are not accepted.

2. Refund

The balance obtained by recharging (including the balance returned after the order is cancelled and the remaining balance after consumption) can be refunded. We will refund the money in the original path within 24 hours.

From the completion of the refund operation to the payment you receive, there will be different delays due to different payment methods.

It depends on the regulation of payment processing company you use.

3. Withdrawal

a) The balance obtained by recharging cannot be returned by withdrawal.

b) The balance obtained through the sale of goods can be withdrawn through the withdrawal function. We will send money to your designated account within 48 hours with your designated payment method.

We may charge a certain fee, and the proportion of the fee will be displayed when you apply for withdrawal.