Clash of Kings Mobile On sell
Clash of Kings Mobile On sell
  • Prduct ID: P20190906152132557523
  • Game: Clash of Kings
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Server: android
  • Seller: KingBabak
  • Quantity: 1
  • Product Types: Account
USD 5000.00
Product Details
  • Release Time:2019-09-06 15:21:32
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Seller's description of the item
  • Trade Time Within: 1Hours
  • Account Binding Type: Google Play
  • Product Description:

    I have 500k gold and have troops level 1...11 and archer level 12 and knight level 12.

    Have more item

    best Equipment for hospital for train for bulding for research for attack and Defence.

    I need money and want selling account.