Payment Process
  • Seller creates the listing

  • Buyer pays the payment

  • Seller delivers account/equipment/in-game currency

  • Buyer confirms transaction

  • Seller received payment

Seller's Benefits
  • GuaraAntee withdraw security

    The withdraw account number is only visible to VADmall. To modify or add a new account number, you need to confirm it via SMS.
  • Guarantee content promotion

    VADmall has a dedicated team that will promote your items in many channels.
  • Guarantee sales assistance

    We will guide you through every step of the trading process.
  • Guarantee data security

    We use encryption algorithms to protect all the data you submit.
  • Withdrawal protection

    VADmall will bear the risk of chargeback, the seller does not have to worry.
  • Multiple withdraw methods

    We offer a variety of withdraw methods, including paypal, Skrill, etc.
Buyer's Benefits
  • Guarantee payment security

    VADmall provides payment guarantees as an intermediary, and the funds are kept by VADmall before you confirm the receipt.
  • Guarantee completion of the transaction or refund

    The seller must deliver the goods successfully before proceeding to the next step. Before delivery, you can cancel the transaction and complete the refund.
  • Guarantee to fully comply with the description

    If the goods do not match the description, you can cancel the transaction and VADmall will support your claim.
  • Guarantee transaction privacy

    Only the buyer, the seller, and VADmall know the existence of the transaction, and no one else can know. VADmall will not disclose any trading information.
  • Guaranteed after-sales support

    We provide comprehensive after-sales and dispute resolution procedures to ensure no worries.
  • Visibility of seller's service capability

    You can roughly see the sales of each seller over the past period of time to make a choice.