How to Sell

VADmall is a game digital product trading platform created for buyers and sellers worldwide. We are committed to creating a safe, efficient, convenient and healthy trading market. All users are free to consign their own game products on the platform, including account, equipment, items, in-game currency, and more. VADmall does not directly purchase any of the user's goods, nor sell directly, but service as an intermediary to serve both buyers and sellers. The seller needs to register first then self-service submit goods for sale.

The specific method is:

1,create VADmall account. (the “invitation code”space is not necessary,if you do not have one,then leave it blank)

2, click “want to sell”,in user center(

3, select your game , the product type that you are going to sell , the game platform

4, add your product information and your contact method. Such as title ,server,price,etc

After you submitted,you can see the product in “products published”.

And after review, this product will be exhibited on website.

If customer paid for your product ,we will contact you by the contact information you left behind