Purchase / Refund

Do you have to pay for the purchase?

The VADmall platform does not charge a purchasing fee, but the payment processing company you selected may charge a fee.

But the platform may charge a certain service fee. Proportions may vary depending on the type of product, or may be adjusted as needed for promotions, incentives, activities, or for the platform itself. The specific service fee ratio can be seen when you purchase the goods.

I bought the wrong, how to cancel the order?

In the process of order delivery, there is an obvious "cancel button" that can be used to implement order cancellation. When you cancel your order, your payment will be automatically refunded to your website balance.

How to refund?

On the personal information page, there will be a button to submit a refund request. After we receive the refund request, we will refund it to you within 24 hours.

Why didn't I see the payment method I want to use?

All the payment methods we currently support are listed. Due to the diversity of global and regional payment methods, we are unable to meet all payment method requirements. Please choose the method we listed to make payment. We apologize for the trouble. You can also submit comments on the request page.

Why is the order displayed as cancelled?

Due to the C2C (Consumer to Consumer) attribute, the seller may have rejected the transaction for some reason. If the seller refuses the transaction, we will give the seller a corresponding credit rating punishment,and remove the goods. Therefore, as a seller, it is obliged to ensure the in selling goods exist and match description.

I suddenly didn't want it, how to cancel it?

In the delivery process, if you suddenly change your mind, you can also abort the delivery process.


1. If you want to abort the delivery process, you need to go through the seller's consent. After the seller agrees, the delivery process ends. If the seller does not have feedback, it will automatically abort in 30 minutes from the request is submitted. The money you pay will return to your website account balance.

2. If you want to abort the delivery process, the seller rejects and submits a proof to confirm that the seller has delivered the goods, your request to abort the delivery will be rejected.

Why is the delivery process aborted?

Both the buyer and the seller have the appropriate rights to abort the transaction for their own reasons, and the other party will receive a corresponding reminder after the transaction is aborted. If the order is delayed, it may be aborted by the other party. Please pay attention to the website prompt information.

I got the goods I bought, where do I confirm it?

After the buyer receives the goods, the buyer can click the confirm button on the order information page. After you confirmed it, the fund will automatically be added to the seller's balance.

Please be cautious.

If the seller confirms the delivery and submits the corresponding proof, and you have not confirmed it, the system will automatically confirm it after 3 days. Within 3 days, you can initiate a dispute regarding this transaction.

Does the game account information contain emails and other information associated with this account?

Yes. We require the seller to provide complete account information with other information associated with it, to ensure the integrity of the account information, and account security.