Account Management

Log in as a third party

If you log in to the website by a third-party authorization method(such as google,facebook), you must log in again in the third-party way you used last time to view your account information. Make sure you are using the correct third-party method for signing in.

Forgot my login password, what should I do?

The website provides a full-featured password recovery process. You can use the "Forgot your password" button to retrieve the password for your website account. For the password of the third-party login user, please go to the corresponding service provider's official website to retrieve the password.

Why is my website account suspended?

Our risk control team will occasionally check the user's suspicious behavior and impose penalties on what we think is inappropriate.

Common issues with account suspension are:

1, over-the-counter trading. You must not post a game character name, personal contact information, or attempt to fraud in a similar manner in the product information.

2, sharing the website account

3, sharing payment or payment information

4, using VPN, proxy and other similar software programs

5, using a fake email address

6, using fake phone number information

7, unauthorized advertising or promotion

8, publish or attempt to publish content related to politics, religion, sex, discrimination, etc, or content that we believe is inappropriate or unrelated to the transaction.

9, submitting false evidence in the dispute

10, abuse of website features, harassment of website staff

11, through third parties to initiate third party arbitration

12, or other activities that are harmful to the site

We will make careful judgments before suspending the user account to ensure that there will be no erroneous suspension. If you think you were suspended by mistake, please contact us to resolve.