Return How to sell on Vadmall

How do I become a Seller?

We use the buyer's seller's general account system. All registered users can place merchandise on the website for sale. The income from sales will be stored in “My Balance” for withdrawal or purchase in future.

1. Click on "Sell " at the main page. Register yourself an account to become a seller first

2. Select the Game and product you want to sell. Fill in details and make sure all information is correct. release the listing, we will review it and shelf it

3. If you want to make any changes to your listing, find your listing in "Product published" and edit it, release it again

Do you have to pay for selling things?

The VADmall platform does not charge for the submitting of goods. Users can submit goods for sell for free. After the transaction is completed, the platform will charge a certain percentage of the handling fee for its own operations. Proportions may vary depending on the type of product, or may be adjusted as needed for promotions, incentives, activities, or for the reason of platform itself. The specific handling fee ratio can be seen when you are going to sunmit the goods for sell.

If I want to sell a game account ,what infomations do I have to provide?

If you want to sell game account ,you have to provide all infomations related to the game account , include account ID , password, google facebook,apple account and password,and any other infomation. Ensure complete transfer of ownership.